Plausible Alternatives for Granite Worktops

Although granite remains a staunch favourite of many homeowners for kitchen worktop surfaces, recent trends have seen shifting towards alternative products, which offer the same, if not, more benefits than granite.

Granite countertops are considered the “king” of kitchen countertops. While many homeowners prefer granite worktops in their kitchens, some remain unfazed by the speckled stone surface offered by granite and opt for alternatives like terrazzo tile. If you are one of those who crave an alternative to granite, here are some options you can try out.

Marble Kitchen Worktops

The next best alternative to granite worktops would be marble worktops. Marble is comparatively cheaper than granite and provides a unique, sophisticated look to the kitchen. When added to a kitchen worktop surface, marble can elevate the look of the space almost instantly.

The downsides to using marble worktops, however, is that they are softer than granite and can chip easily in case a heavy object falls on them. Another downside to marble countertops is that they are more porous and thus, can etch or stain easily. They are high maintenance worktops and require regular cleaning to maintain their look.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz is one of the most durable worktop materials available in the market. Added to this is the wide variety of colours and patterns available in quartz, which makes quartz worktops ideal for homes, bathrooms and commercial kitchens. Additional benefits include enhanced strength and durability, resistance to heat, stains and scratches and a non-porous surface, which is resistant to bacteria.

A newer variety of quartz worktops feature engineered stone made of natural quartz crystals mixed with resins to create stronger surfaces, which resemble stone and are durable. Neglecting the costs that come with installing quartz and engineered quartz countertops, you are looking at a material that will remain in pristine condition for many years to come.

Terrazzo Kitchen Worktops

If you are looking for something new in the market, then a terrazzo worktop may be the right choice. Manufactured by mixing granite, quartz, marble and glass chips, terrazzo is one of the most durable worktop materials and packs in the pros of all of the materials contained in it.

Terrazzo tile worktops offer a stunning look to the kitchen without costing as much as granite, marble or quartz worktops do. The availability of limitless colours, designs and customization options also make terrazzo worktops a prominent feature of many kitchens these days.

Wooden Kitchen Worktops

If you prefer a distinct look for your kitchen countertop, you can choose a wooden worktop, which offers excellent character to a kitchen. Available in different types of wood that you can opt for the countertop based on their grain size, colour tones and strength, wooden worktops lend a rustic appeal to traditional kitchens. Added to this is the fact that you can easily sand and refinish a wooden worktop in the event it gets scratched or marked. It makes wood a better choice than stone, which is hard to refinish if it gets marked.

Soapstone Kitchen Worktops

Soapstone offers an old-world feel to a kitchen workspace. A naturally dark stone with beautiful, light veins streaking across its surface, a soapstone worktop is easier to maintain when considered to marble worktops.

Concrete Kitchen Worktops

Concrete kitchen worktops lend an industrial look to a kitchen and let you enjoy the look of natural stone. One of the most significant benefits of concrete worktops it that you can choose the thickness of the countertop slab rather than being forced to work with a worktop of fixed width. The choice of thickness also allows you to choose fancy edge and design details for the countertop. Concrete countertops are also DIY friendly, meaning you can install the concrete kitchen worktop on your own following a few YouTube videos.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktops

Stainless steel is fast becoming a popular material for kitchen worktops, thanks to the futuristic appeal it lends to kitchens. Stainless steel is also one of the cleanest and most hygienic kitchen worktop materials due to its non-porous nature. It makes it virtually impenetrable by bacteria, thus keeping your worktop surface safe from bacterial infections.

With stainless steel, there is also the benefit of it being stain resistant. There is no need to worry about the worktop surface staining, as even the strongest of stains can be wiped off with a good scrubbing. Being heat resistant like a terrazzo worktop, stainless steel can also withstand thermal shocks easily. The only downside to using stainless steel as a worktop material is that it can be expensive to install and can scratch or dent if not taken care of properly.

Recycled/Sintered Stone Kitchen Worktops

These worktop surfaces are manufactured from a mix of stone, porcelain, silica, ceramic, glass and other minerals. The appearance of this worktop surface depends on the materials used in it. Sintered stone is eco-friendly and provides a durable worktop surface material, which is resistant to stains, scratches, heat and bacteria. Although it is one of the easiest worktops to maintain, it does not resemble granite and may not appeal to those who prefer the look of granite.

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