Trending Now: Rattan and Wicker Garden Furniture

The addition of Rattan and Wicker furniture to your home will add an element of casual style and sophistication to your living space. Traditionally, Rattan and Wicker were reserved for coastal areas and affluent beach homes. But, more recently these furniture pieces have been used to add additional style elements to any home.

The intricately layered weave texture is versatile and durable and will quickly breathe new life into any room including the bedroom, living room, or even the hallway. Many Rattan and Wicker sets feature strong Asian inspired looks with their all natural finishes. The furniture will complement a number of styles and colors. While Rattan does not take paint very well, Wicker is easily painted. This needs to be kept in mind should you wish to one day change your look.

Here are several tips to decorate your home with Rattan or Wicker furniture:

Play with color

Whether you chose to go with natural or neutral Rattan or Wicker, the furniture pieces will go with almost any color scheme. You will also have the freedom to mix your furniture set up with a variety of colors, trendy hues, and textures. If you have a dark set of Rattan or Wicker furniture, why not pair it with simple soft pastel colors to ensure an element of comfort and coziness. Light Rattan and Wicker furniture can be paired with a darker or brighter color to bring out the textured patterns of the pieces.

Know the lines

Quite honestly, it would not matter which style of Rattan or Wicket you chose, the organic woven technique will have a massive visual appeal. If you chose furniture with straight lines, you will find that your home will have a more sleek and minimalistic feel to it. And, should you choose furniture items with soft curves you will find that your home has a more country inspired look. No matter which you chose Rattan and Wicker is sure to invoke visual interest in your home. Don’t be afraid to be a little daring either. Pair these with brightly colored cushions to liven up any room


Wicker and Rattan baskets are a fashionable way to clean up odd bits of clutter around your home. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit all your needs. In addition, baskets can be painted in a variety of colors to suit your home. Place several around your home to add bright pops of color to your living space.

No need to buy more

To start out you do not need to buy an entirely new Wicker or Rattan set. Simply pair your existing set with a new Wicker or Rattan based table, side tables or even odd furnishings to had a contemporary feel to your home. Smaller accents are often the best place to start. You will easily be able to find a range of Wicker and Rattan ottomans online as well as lamps, baskets and even trays.