In our opinion guest posting is a win-win situation for us as the host and anyone who would like to submit a guest post.  We get an interesting post on the site, and you get SEO benefits and your content will reach readers who otherwise may not have found your work.

How to Submit an Article to Marbio

Submitting an article to Marbio is very straightforward, as all you have to do is attach it to an email. Write your article in a word processing document with the hyperlink(s) intact and email it to But before doing so, please make sure you have followed the guidelines as failure to do so could mean your post is rejected.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Your article submission must be unique and not previously published online.
  2. The content must be written on a topic interesting to an audience interested in home decor, DIY projects, home furnishing trends, etc.
  3. Please check for grammar errors and spelling before sending. We may correct small errors before publishing, but if your article is filled with errors, we’ll have to reject it.
  4. Posts should be at least 700 words in length and preferably include at least one photograph.
  5. Free posts are allowed an outbound link in an author bio. Paid submissions can include two links anywhere within the article.
  6. Contributor content must not be plagiarised in any shape or form.